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Qingwei Sun, Life Science Analyst

Qingwei Sun, M.Eng., M.S., is a Life Science Analyst at Lumleian. Qingwei oversees data collection from secondary sources, and performs analysis based on analytical methodologies fundamental to Lumleian's knowledge management platform. Applying a meta-analysis method, he aggregates the clinical and commercial data presented in Lumleian’s disease state primers. His work has wide applications in product development, portfolio management, and investment strategy for R&D decision-makers and life science investors. Qingwei is fluent in Chinese and Japanese and leads our work with Asian clients. Qingwei has a Masters of Science degree from the Harvard School of Public Health. He earned Bachelors and Masters of Engineering degrees from Kyoto University, Japan, with concentrations in materials science.


Favorite Thing About Lumleian

Each member of the Lumleian team contributes a unique background and special talent. We work synergistically to meet the diverse needs of our customers working in every clinical stage of life science R&D, across the gamut of disease states. Lumleian recognizes the talent in each one of us and draws upon it to the greatest extent. As a result, anything is possible at Lumleian.

Favorite Thing to Do Outside Of Lumleian

Marathon running, playing basketball.

Reasons Why You Go Into the Life Science Industry

As a researcher on a team working to replicate the complexity of a cell membrane, I gained an appreciation for the dedication it takes to develop and commercialize a biological asset. I aspired to apply my experience in scientific research and analytical methods to help others bring innovative therapeutics and technologies to the patients who need them.