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Frank Deane, Founder

Frank Deane, Ph.D., is a Director of Decision Science and Founder of Lumleian. Frank has over ten years experience working with life science companies and concurrently holds an appointment in the department of strategy at the Carroll School of Management, Boston College, where he teaches 'Strategic Issues in Pharma and Biotech' to MBA students. Prior to founding Lumleian, Frank was a Director with Leerink Swann and a Case Team Leader with Bain and Company. Frank entered consulting after spending three years in the biopharmaceutical industry with Eli Lilly, supporting portfolio optimization and business unit strategic planning. He began his career, as a quantitative risk analyst working at BlackRock. Frank earned a Ph.D. in econometrics from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University, where his dissertation focused on applying game theory and statistical modeling to optimize pharmaceutical resource allocation. Frank has a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Princeton University. Frank is an Eagle Scout, inconsistent tennis player, mediocre skier, and father of three inquisitive, albeit rambunctious, toddlers.


Favorite Thing About Lumleian

This is a no-brainer, the people and our clients' innovation. Our people and values are what make Lumleian different. We have a team of hardworking and passionate decision scientists, who are committed to creating long-term value for their clients and having fun in the process. Daily we work with extremely bright and passionate clients, on nascent innovation that will change the future treatment paradigm, across the gamut of disease states. We are fortunate to make a living doing what we love and learning everyday in the process.

Favorite Thing to Do Outside Of Lumleian

Read and create stories with my children, fly kites with them, and build Legos with them.

Reasons Why You Got Into the Life Science Industry

Serendipity, I was offered a unique opportunity as a Ph.D. student to spend a summer as an intern at Eli Lilly. Subsequently, their sales and marketing organization funded my dissertation. I have been 'hooked' ever since. Intellectually, I am attracted to the economic complexity and level of uncertainty implicit to investing in the life sciences. Throughout my career, I have been drawn to risk management, and I know no other industry incurring greater or more profound risks than those incurred by our clients. How many other industries have added 30 years to human life in less than a century?

One Thing Most People You Work With Might Not Know About You

I never intended to be a consultant or an entrepreneur, good opportunities just presented themselves, and Lumleian is the result. I always wanted to be an artist or poet, but couldn't figure out a way to make either pay at an acceptable level of risk. I derive immense personal satisfaction hearing team members exhorting each other on quality, quality, quality … I am tired of hearing myself!