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Life Science Investors

Lumleian supports the gamut of life science investors including venture capital, private equity, and royalty financing partners. Additionally, we support financial advisors, legal advisors and investment banks requiring life science domain expertise.

Venture Capital: Our venture capital clients value Lumleian's early stage in-licensing assessments and the clinical strategy work we provide to their portfolio companies.

Private Equity: Our life science expertise and real world expereince enables Lumleian to create substantial value for a specific subset of private equity clients investing in the life sciences, both therapetutics and diagnostics. These clients utilize our proprietary analytical models for valuing assets and out insight into market optimization for their portfolio companies.

Royalty Financing: Our deep relationships with academic and research institutions serve as a potential source for monetization deals, and our proprietary analytical models provide a prudent valuation of assets.

Financial and Legal Advisors: Advisors along with investment banks value our scale and depth of expertise, across the gamut of disease states in which their clients are active. Lumleian's Disease State Primers provide them with a 'one-stop shop' of available secondary data to augment their internal research gathering efforts. Our proprietary analytical models provide prudent insight into the valuation of assets and transactions.

Lumleian's Capabilities

Our offerings to life science investor clients include:

  • Proprietary analytical models: Lumleian develops proprietary forecasting models for approved and pre-approval assets across the gamut of disease states. For approved assets, we offer proprietary promotional response models assessing the impact of alternative pricing strategies and changes to the marketing mix. For pre-approval assets, we compile relevant benchmarks by disease states that provide insight into the likelihood of regulatory approval, Phase II and Phase III attrition rates, cost of commericalization and investing in late-stage or post approval trials.

  • Disease State Primers: To provide the requisite information to assess the attractiveness of a given market we offer a comprehensive set of Disease State Primers, updated quarterly. Our primers are a "one-stop shop" of available secondary data, covering the disease and care paradigm, clinical development pipeline and commercial landscape.

  • Early Stage in licensing assessments: Using advanced analytics, we help identify and prioritize attractive R&D programs at academic and research institutions for in-licensing opportunities. In a given disease state we search the scientific literature, NIH grants, and patent filings across leading etiologies by pathway and by gene. Within a given mechanism of action, ongoing research programs can be assessed based on their potential for success and the investigator's track record. This approach yields approximately 20% more programs than traditional data gathering.