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Biopharmaceutical Companies

Lumleian supports R&D decision makers across the gamut of life science enterprises, from large-pharmaceutical to emerging-growth companies. Our clients include: R&D leadership, portfolio management, business development, corporate strategy, new product planning, and clinical program teams. To meet our client’s diverse needs, our proprietary analytics feature comprehensive competitive intelligence, forecasting, and market research.

Lumleian's Capabilities

Our capabilities for our biopharmaceutical clients include:

  • Clinical Strategy and Asset Valuation: We identify and value the most attractive market positioning for pipeline assets based on target product profiles, epidemiologic patient segmentation models, and competitive landscape dynamics. We support clinical program teams in evaluating late stage competitor trials and regulatory correspondence.

  • Early Stage In-licensing Assessments: Using advanced analytics, we identify and prioritize attractive R&D programs at academic and research institutions for in-licensing opportunities. 

    For a given disease state, scientific literature, NIH grants, and patent filings can be searched by pathway and by gene across leading etiologies to identify mechanisms of action. Within a given mechanism of action, ongoing research programs can be assessed based on their potential for success and the investigator's track record. This approach returns the identification of 20% more programs on average over traditional data gathering methods.

  • Late-Stage Portfolio Optimization: Our Disease State Primers are designed specifically for late-stage portfolio optimization. Standardized across disease states, they enable R&D leadership teams to make “apples to apples” portfolio comparisons and trade-off decisions based on relevant benchmarks, including:
          •  Likelihood of technical success
          •  Level of unmet need
          •  Commercial attractiveness
          •  Required investment

  • Due Diligence: Business development and senior leadership place an enormous value on objectivity. We leverage our clinical, scientific, and commercial expertise to compile due diligence assessments focused on a particular target company, pipeline, or asset.  

    We provide the requisite data in real-time to business development decision makers under tight deadlines. By design, Lumleian's due diligence reports are suitable for triaging opportunities and prioritizing key targets for further evaluation.