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A Letter From Our Founder

What makes Lumleian unique? It’s Personal.

As the company founder, I want to share with you a personal story that inspires my daily work. As an economist, I’m trained to decipher trends and theories. Yet, three years ago, I was presented with data that defied logic. At the age of 34 and with a white-blood count of 320,000/μL, (normal ranges are 3,000 to 10,000/μL) my twin brother, Bill, was diagnosed with acute myleoid leukemia. Cytogenetic testing revealed a rare chromosomal mutation only seen in a handful of patients. Following standard protocols, Bill had a less than 10% chance of five-year survival.

Bill was a sample of one. With limited information and no precedent, the clinical uncertainty was unfathomable. My father, a 30-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, knew Bill’s treatment needed to be science-based. With his scientific acumen and my economic training, we armed ourselves with the latest tests and literature. Working with Bill’s clinicians, we developed a treatment protocol that was data-driven from day one. 

This analytical approach resulted in an extremely effective and efficient process. Within three days, rather than the average six months, I was HLA-typed and identified as a fully-matched donor. Bill underwent induction chemotherapy and a round of consolidation therapy. A bone marrow transplant was scheduled so quickly, the hospital intake nurse teased that his application was mistyped. 

At Bill’s recent check-up at MD Anderson, his blood lines were 100% donor. His chances of a relapse have narrowed to 5-10%. Sadly, many patients have not fared as well. I hope Bill’s picture on the “Wall of Fame” in the transplant wing will serve as a reminder that there are many others who yearn for progress and wait for a cure. 

My brother’s cure bolstered my faith in many ways, most notably in life science R&D. Undergoing this process, I couldn’t help but think of the innovative health advancements that helped to save my brother. 

Conversely, I couldn’t help but fret about the industry’s future. How would the legacy of the life sciences evolve?

At Lumleian, we strive to further this legacy using analytical and scientific diligence to drive decision making and validate value. The right insight results in effective prioritization, efficient resource allocation and enhanced productivity that, ultimately, benefits patients like my brother and all humankind.